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Meridian treatment instrument QX2001-AIII type
  • Meridian treatment instrument QX2001-AIII type

Meridian treatment instrument QX2001-AIII type

  • Name: Meridian pass treatment instrument QX2001-AIII type low frequency electronic pulse treatment instrument

    Model: QX2001


    1, power: A. C220V ± 10%, 50HZ ± 2%

    2, power: ≤ 100VA

    3, the pulse frequency: 0. 5Hz-3000Hz

    4, the external circuit breaker: F1AL250V

    5, Dimensions: 820 X 485 X 380mm

    6, safety category: class BF type


Principle of treatment

This series of products combines modern biota technology, computer digital technology and traditional Chinese medicine theory developed a new generation of physiotherapy instrument. The treatment instrument set without needle acupuncture, infrared hyperthermia and drug ion into the function as a whole, directly on the meridian acupuncture points and lesions, promote blood circulation, blood vessels to expand, promote blood lymphatic reflux, after use, significantly increased capillary and immune Increased strength, the bone and joint pain, autonomic dysfunction, gastrointestinal disorders, neurasthenia have a clear effect; through the nerve muscle stimulation of the disease, so excited, the occurrence of contraction reaction, promote the ward's blood circulation, improve muscle In the protein consumption, to prevent a large number of muscle loss of water and the occurrence of electrolyte, enzyme system shrinkage of the destruction of substances, inhibition of muscle fibrosis, to prevent muscle fibers become short, thickening, hardening, delay muscle atrophy, can make inflammation dissipate. Exercise muscle, enhance muscle strength, correction of spinal deformities, delay and reduce intervertebral joints, joint capsule, ligament calcification and ossification process, improve the body's calcium, phosphorus metabolism and autonomic nervous system.

Clinical indications

For the neurasthenia, insomnia, cervical spondylosis, frozen shoulder, low back pain, lumbar muscle strain, epigastric pain, rheumatoid arthritis, sciatica, dysmenorrhea, hypertension, nerve injury, soft tissue injury, hemiplegia recovery adjuvant therapy health care.

Use department

Rehabilitation, rheumatology, physiotherapy, Chinese medicine, orthopedics, gynecology, neurology, acupuncture, digestive, otolaryngology, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, soft injury.

configuration list

Host a, heating electrode 4 pairs, heating electrode line 4, two core wire 4, adhesive electrode 4 pairs, elastic strap 8, manual 1, 1 certificate, warranty 1.


Technical Parameters

1, power supply: A.C220V ± 10%, 50HZ ± 2%

2, power: ≦ 100VA

3, pulse frequency: 0.5-12000HZ

4, the external circuit breaker: F1AL250V

5, Dimensions: 820mm × 485mm × 380mm

6, safety type: Ⅱ type BF type

Performance characteristics

1, the output group: four groups of electrotherapy, hyperthermia four groups, each output alone operation, with the treatment of four patients or four parts;

2, memory function: full-featured, intermediate frequency, acupuncture, massage;

3, four prescription settings: each prescription has a variety of waveform cycle, far infrared thermotherapy and drug ion import function;

4, working time: 10min 20min 30min; treatment time to voice prompts, and stop the output;

5, far infrared thermotherapy temperature: 40 ℃, 50 ℃, 60 ℃ can choose;

6, modulation waveform: a continuous wave, square wave, sharp wave, sine wave, exponential wave, triangular wave, ladder wave, integrated wave, intermittent wave, dense wave, cluster wave, ups and downs and sawtooth wave pulse waveform.

7, the device has a thermostat device, the temperature control below 60 ℃, while setting the attachment line detection function;