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Large medical equipment: the fall is not enough There are two "chaos"


National Development and Reform Commission spokesman, Price Division Shi Zhai said at a news conference yesterday, reported to the State Council agreed to "promote the reform of medical services prices" will soon be issued. This means that the national level of a new round of medical service price reform will start around the beginning or gradually adjust the price of medical services. Reporters learned that large-scale medical equipment inspection and treatment, inspection prices are also areas of price cuts.

Although the Government has been working hard to improve, but expensive, difficult to see a doctor is still the people to bear the social problems. Produce a lot of expensive factors expensive, large medical equipment is expensive and can not be ignored one of them. Reporters learned that in a round of medical price service reform, to reduce the large medical equipment inspection and treatment, inspection prices are also impressively, which makes the anxiety of the public to see a trace of lower medical expenses dawn.

Large medical equipment charges high, do need to squeeze the price of water, so the state is prepared to reduce the cost of large medical equipment inspection and treatment, its goodwill no doubt. However, the chaos of large-scale medical equipment is not just fee-hopping, there are other chaos, such as doctors on large medical equipment over-reliance, such as large-scale medical equipment in the purchase of the rationality, there are disputes or flaws.

First, doctors are overly dependent on large medical devices. Medical diagnosis and treatment is a precise process, can not tolerate the slightest mistake, large-scale precision medical equipment can give the perfect conclusion of science, which we all understand. However, some patients with the disease is not serious, the doctor also put a large medical equipment to the "battlefield", it will inevitably lead to public questioning - this is not over-medical what is it?

In fact, many doctors have a very deep accumulation of experience, can by virtue of some "look, smell, ask, cut" to diagnose the results, many doctors still rely on medical equipment, although the patient can not say half "no" , But a stomach suspicion nowhere to digest, the mistrust between doctors and patients increased.

Second, some hospitals in the purchase of large hospital equipment, there is blindness. Whether the hospital should purchase large medical equipment, which should depend on the patient's demand. However, some hospitals in order to attract the publicity needs of patients, hoping to rely on large-scale medical equipment to create a well-known hospital, or the investigation is not serious enough, resulting in a large hospital equipment purchased a few months unopened anecdotes.

Put aside the extreme things do not say, Guangzhou Medical College School of Health Dean Liu Junrong in 2012 revealed a data: Guangzhou large medical equipment utilization rate of less than 40%. Medical level developed in Guangzhou so, other places can be imagined. Large medical equipment utilization rate is not high, will inevitably stimulate the manager to induce doctors to open a large check prescription, disguised form of erosion of the interests of patients, sitting in the public on the public over-medical first mark.

Comprehensive analysis of the above, the health sector not only to squeeze the large medical equipment charges in the water, but also as a large prescription as the doctor frequently use the rationality of large medical equipment to measure, to determine the doctor's dependence on large equipment is reasonable Interval. At the same time, regulators should also purchase a large hospital equipment to make a question mark to avoid unnecessary waste of medical equipment.