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Analysis on the Development of Medical Nuclear Magnetic Resonance System in China

Advantages of Medical Magnetic Resonance


Medical magnetic resonance imaging is the human body placed in a uniform magnetic field, through physical means to let the human proton resonance, and then collect the energy signals sent by different organizations, after computer processing, access to any direction, angle anatomical lesions of the image, Accurate diagnosis of medical imaging, widely used in the systemic system, with other medical equipment is difficult to compare advantages.


The basic situation of domestic MRI market


Globally, the MRI market has long been monopolized by Siemens, GE and Philips, and the global MRI market in 2015 is $ 3.65 billion, with the combined market share of the three companies reaching 80%.


In terms of domestic, due to the technical, domestic high-end magnetic resonance equipment and foreign similar products still exist significant gap, the import brand still occupies China's high-end medical equipment products into 7 percent. And by our own research and development of clinical practical 1.5T superconducting magnetic resonance equipment, with the same level of foreign technology comparable to the level of large and medium-sized hospitals to meet the daily needs of diagnosis. At present, domestic superconducting magnetic resonance machine manufacturers are Neusoft, Long Run, shadow, Aotai, Anke, Wan East, etc., of which only the shadow with the self-magnet.


Data show that from 2011 to 2015, China's 1.5T magnetic resonance equipment sales increased from 408 units to 771 units, the annual compound growth rate of 13.6%, while 3.0T magnetic resonance equipment sales increased from 146 to 228 units, the year Compound growth rate of 9.3%, the main users limited to scientific research institutions and large hospitals. In addition, China's magnetic resonance equipment per million population increased from 3.3 units to 6.6 units, but as the first population, this number is still far smaller than Japan and South Korea and other neighboring countries, but also from another side reflects the magnetic Respect the great potential of the market.


According to the data provided by the flint-created medical device system, in the category of Medical Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), from March 2015, New Orbot is a permanent magnet open magnetic resonance imaging system of this type A licensed magnetic resonance equipment has been to China now has 31 companies involved in related business, has been 138 products have been approved.


Among them, there are two IPO companies, namely, Shenzhen Mindray Biomedical Electronics Co., Ltd. and China Resources Wandong Medical Equipment Co., Ltd., their products were 2 and 8, see the table below, the complete content can be registered flint Medical device system view.


In recent years, medical equipment has been highly concerned by the community, "thirteen" in the country for medical equipment innovation and development provides a huge support, especially in the magnetic resonance and other high-end products that China's relatively lack of areas, hoping to have Greater breakthroughs and innovation, to achieve localization, high-end, branding and internationalization.


2011 proposed the "second five" special plan to focus on supporting superconducting MRI products; 2013 proposed the development of high-performance medical treatment equipment special also supports the superconducting magnetic resonance system; March 2016 the State Council issued the " Promote the healthy development of pharmaceutical industry guidance ", which clearly pointed out to speed up the transformation and upgrading of medical equipment, focusing on the development of superconducting magnets, including key components, the development of superconducting magnetic resonance imaging system (MRI) and other high-performance diagnostic equipment.


Magnetic resonance industry is a capital-intensive industry, requires a lot of capital investment, but also rely on resources and high technology industries, according to marketsand data projections, by 2021 the global market size will reach 7.19 billion US dollars, the other hand, the domestic, MRI market Inputs and results are also worth looking forward to.


to sum up:

China's magnetic resonance market potential is huge, with the policy support and technological progress, coupled with China's rare advantages of rare earth resources, domestic magnetic resonance will gradually rise, and gradually realize the replacement of imported products