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Guangzhou Overseas Chinese Xin Medical Equipment Technology Development Co., Ltd. was established in 2001, is an independent engaged in medical equipment research and development, production, sales and service one of the national high-tech enterprises. 15 years, the company focused on the development and production of physical therapy equipment, products in 2011 selected Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment equipment to promote product catalog, in 2012 was named the national Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment equipment production demonstration base, the main products include low frequency frequency meridian pass therapy instrument , Magnetic heat treatment instrument, Chinese medicine fumigation treatment instrument, air wave pressure therapy instrument, laser treatment instrument, ultrasonic treatment instrument, moxibustion instrument, etc., products in Beijing Union Medical College Hospital, Zhongshan University Second Affiliated Hospital, the third affiliated hospital, Six affiliated hospitals, Guangzhou Military Region General Hospital, Zhujiang Hospital, around the hospital and a large number of topical hospital clinical application, quality and service was well received.

Companies pay attention to the construction of research and development platform, and actively expand with the colleges and universities and clinical use of the unit in-depth cooperation, continue to absorb outstanding rehabilitation medical talents, the development of many of the most practical rehabilitation of medical equipment to meet the hospital, community and family rehabilitation needs The Products are also exported to the United States, Russia, Africa, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.

At the same time the company strengthened with foreign advanced peer exchanges and cooperation, the introduction of South Korea imported leather massage bed, high-frequency heat laser treatment, interference wave pain treatment, ultra-low frequency treatment, etc., is committed to providing rehabilitation centers at all levels Physical therapy complete sets of solutions.

Guangzhou Overseas Chinese Xin Medical Equipment Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a production of medical equipment consisting mainly of Sino-US cooperative enterprises, for the United States Kang to send medical equipment (Hong Kong) International Group Co., Ltd. executive director member units, is the world's top 500 international corporate members One of the units. The company after 15 years of painstaking research and development, production and sales, gathered a large number of medical equipment in the field of top talent and management team, to create a piece of high technological content, full-featured, excellent results, exquisite style of medical, home Physiotherapy series of products, a steady stream of the market, by experts and patients unanimously recognized and praised, especially the overseas Chinese core computer frequency meridian treatment instrument, the product soon after the advent of the market favored by the market. As the product features more, wide range of applications, outstanding results, especially in the treatment of cervical spondylosis unique performance and outstanding performance by the Chinese Medical Association in cervical spondylosis rehabilitation activities as a recommended product.

Health is more important than Taishan, the quality is higher than everything! Overseas Chinese people always keep this purpose. Today, the company has introduced Japan, South Korea's technology, innovation, innovation, as always, with the best products to contribute to the community and serve the people.